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 We are not a store or kennel. Our puppies live inside our home. We start training at an early ages. We will have 3 new litters coming in June and July. 1 Pom litter, 1 maltiPoo litter and 1 Pom-Maltipoo litter. If you are interested to be on our waiting list is $250 refundable. Please feel free to contact us.  Thank you

We will keep you update about the new puppies.

Price range form $3500 to $6500

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   I can’t thank you enough for being a great breeder to our new addition in the family! Callie (Betsy’s new name) is such a good girl and it’s hard to believe just how much of a great puppy she is! It made our life so much easier having her crate and potty trained and has only had one accident in the house (because my husband didn’t know he had to take her out AS SOON as she is out of the crate). She LOVES to cuddle, sleep, and run around outside especially after getting a brand new fence for her. She doesn’t bark at people and is very loving to new people she meets. She is very spoiled at home (everything is about her) and very well taken care of. I want to thank you for everything you did for her and continue to do for her by answering any questions I have. I am super thankful that I came across your website and will definitely recommend you to others as I think about getting a second pup from you in the future =D 

  Callie, Julissa & Orlando

  Julissa  /   Florida