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Hi, my name is 007, and I am so happy, I'm wagging my tail to meet you. My mom says I'm the cutest puppy ever, but I notice she says that to my other litter mates too. I have a beautiful coat. I love to give kisses/hugs. My mommy takes me out for training several times each day. I learn how to come, sit, and as I get more confident, I can learn to roll over. I socialize with other puppies of all ages and sizes. My doggie mom also worked together to take care of me. I'm perfect in every way. My mom Jess is a gorgeous 7 lb Pomeranian and my daddy Elvis is a 3 lb Maltipoo making me a specialty designer tiny pup known as a PomMaltipoo. I am 50% Pom, 25% Poodle, and 25% Maltese. My human mommy says I'm the cutest little girl/boy in town. I was born on 12/20/2020 and ready to join my for-ever family. My birth weight is 3.9 oz, so my adult weight is estimated to be 4.5 - 5.5 lbs. Don't take to long to decide I won't last long! 


Well, since my human mommy has entrusted me telling you why I am the one for you, let me tell you how she does things her to prepare us for the transition from her home to yours. A little more about me First off, I am not a puppy mill puppy but a puppy that has started with the best love ever. The first touch I ever felt was the hands of my human mommy as she delivered me. She was the first to see me, cut open my sack, clamped my cord, and cleans me up. Then she handed me over to my mommy and helped me nurse so I could be strong and healthy. How can I not love humans with such a great start in life? Every day from then, I am held by family members being cuddled, kissed, and just loved. I think humans are great. All I know is the loving home life that prepares me for your home. I am used to all the environment sounds of a busy household, such as phones, radios, and tv playing. Kennel pups cannot help but hide because never hearing all those sounds can be overwhelming, but not for me. When I can run and play, I can go out in a large fenced-in area that is cleaned multiple times a day and play with my littermates and my doggie and human mommies. They both can train me while I'm here with them.


I come to you as a healthy puppy because human mommy takes
no shortcuts with us. My health care starts at 2 weeks when I get wormed and every two weeks until I leave. At 5 weeks my human mommy starts me on parasite prevention. At six weeks old, she gives me a puppy five ways vaccine, which protects against parvo, distemper coronavirus, parainfluenza, and Adenovirus. I also get a second puppy vaccine at 8 weeks.


My puppy food is made by Paw tree. It is all-natural foods tiny bite-size. You must know my human mommy spares no expense with my food. It has no food coloring, no additives, grain or by-products; it is the only food we know of that has Pro-biotic and Pre-biotic in it machining me a healthy strong immune system.


My training is what my human mommy is known for and why she sells so many puppies. Her clients tell everyone about her, and many of them are multi-dog purchasers. It's not that other breeders don't want to do what my human mommy does. It just they don't have the time or place to do it.


Our dedication and devotion to our puppies are what set's a Pomloves puppy apart from the rest. 

Pomeranian puppy outfit